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Decision Incite

Make Better Decisions - Faster!

To "Make Better Decisions - Faster", you need knowledge - information that you know is right - before committing significant resources.

OutliersDecision Incite's proprietary process brings together the benefits of high performance computing, integrated engineering analysis software and industry expertise in a program that allows you to analyze your product process comprehensively so that appropriate improvements and enhancements can be made at the outset and before you commit to an "improvement."

How Does Decision Incite Work?

Decision Incite orchestrates high performance computing hardware, application analysis software, information technology infrastructure, modeling expertise, results interpretation support, and training, to generate information used for making decisions from simulation.   This collaborative approach can reduce your engineering and production costs, compress your development cycle, shorten time to market, and provide your customers with significant product improvement.

Decision Incite has a history of collaborating among customers and technology providers to provide the value in bringing better products to market faster.

Who is Decision Incite?

Decision Incite was started in May 2008 by Gene Allen. Mr. Allen worked the past 20 years in collaborative research and development, focused on how to improve the use of computers to do better engineering.  As Director of Collaborative Development at both MSC Software and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and as Economic Development Advisor to Senator Robert C. Byrd, he established a number of collaborative R&D programs applying computers to design and manufacturing to develop better, safer products.  He worked with Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Ford, General Motors, Pratt & Whitney, Texas Instruments, Kodak, DARPA, NASA, NIST, DOE labs and others.  He co-authored “Collaborative R&D: Manufacturing’s New Tool” published by Wiley.  His engineering background is based on his experience in designing, building, testing, and operating Navy nuclear propulsion systems. He is a graduate of MIT, with a degree in Nuclear Engineering.

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